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It’s rare to find a postcard with a blatant grammatical error in the first two words of the description on the back.  “Heavy buttresses impounds…”  My Adam’s apple bobs up and down as I hesitantly raise a trembling hand to voice that, generally, the subject and the verb should agree.

Anyway, this picture was taken in the early to mid-60s.  The dam was actually finished in 1917 (100 years ago! Go, dam!).  You’re looking at a pile of rocks holding back over 100 million gallons of water.  After the Boone Dam imbroglio, a crew came in and inspected this dam.  It’s holding up quite well.

Credit line is Photo by John Sullins.  It was printed by International Graphics, Inc. in Hollywood FL.

Skoby’s World Ashtray

There’s nothing particularly special about this 3,5″ x 3.5″ ashtray.  There were probably hundreds made during the two or so decades Skoby’s World was in business.  The unusual thing is that it showed up in a sports equipment – clothing – antique store in downtown Pound (across from the Pixie – and don’t even come up to the ordering window with a cigarette!*).

*For the few of you who haven’t passed through Pound recently:  there’s a handwritten sign by the ordering window at the Pixie warning cigarette-smoking citizens to keep away.  Not smoking?  Order away!