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Excellent Litho Post Card



This is a 1907 or so post card.  The postmark is Nov 11, 1908.
Before World War I, quality post cards were lithographed in Germany.  They’re just excellent cards.  Remember, color film was not made commercially available in the United States until around 1936, with the introduction of 35mm size Kodachrome.  This was a factory-colored black & white positive, probably sent in with color notations from the photographer.  It’s a beautiful card.  (Note that some uncaring dealer has defaced that card back with a penciled-in price)
The divided back post card only became acceptable for postal use in 1907.

In the card, there’s not a car in sight, but there is a Coca-Cola sign.

It was published by Souvenir Post Card Co. in New York.

Downtown Kingsport


This Duotone card’s picture was taken, I think, around 1915 or 16 from about halfway up Cement Hill.  The street to the left is Shelby, with the Big Store on the left.  The bank, the building with the columns, is on the corner of Broad and Main. Note there’s no Church Circle, but there is the old school and the old Presbyterian Church just to the right of where Shelby ends at Sullivan.
It looks as if someone at the publishing company (CT – Curt Teich –  in Chicago) inked in some of the fainter lines of the buildings in the background, which makes it harder to identify them.  However, I think the building I live in is there.
This card was “published by Kingsport Drug Store”.  Standard double-back for the time.  Typical penny postcard.