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Kingsport Traffic Laws, summary thereof, 1951

(Opened out to show the map)
Prepared by the Kingsport Junior Chamber of Commerce, printed by Franklin Printing.  Excluding the cover and back, 12 pages. The text is standard city law, but the cover map is interesting in that it shows the extensive railroad spurs and lines and some streets that either are no longer extant or have different names.

In the back:
“This booklet was made possible by the contributions of the following:
Bennett & Edwards
Bray & King Insurance Agency
F. J. Brownell & Son
Dougherty – Roller
J. T. Parker Insurance Agency
Price & Ramey
Roy B. Moore Truck Line
Robinson Transfer Motor Line
United Warehouse & Transfer”


Kingsport Fire Dept. No. 1

My beautiful picture

This is Kingsport Fire Department’s No. 1, purchased in 1917.  It’s an American LaFrance pumper.  I took this in 1979, when I was still shooting Tri-X and processing it myself.  At that time, the KFD kept this unit in Station #1 on Island Street.  There’s a short history of the KFD right here.

This unit is now in a department-constructed building on the Ft. Henry Drive side of Station #2.



Baker-Clardy Service Station

My beautiful picture

Baker-Clardy Service Station was on the corner of West Sullivan and Roller Streets, where the Funtastics (old Penley’s) building is now barely standing.  This picture was taken when the building was brand new, sometime prior to 1929, when Baker-Clardy ran several ads in the Kingsport Times News.
The signs on the station, which are even hard to read in 4k resolution, offer:
Tourist Information
Ladies Rest Room
Standard Gasoline (Standard Oil Company, probably Standard Oil of New Jersey, later ESSO, later EXXON)
Batteries charged installed
Alcohol (huh?)
Standard Motor Oil
Expert Alemite Service (lubrication…the company’s still in business)

Note the dude standing in the background.  He’s checking out the photographer.

Early Kingsport Gazebo

My beautiful picture

Years ago, in the early 80s, a lady who knew that I was drawing Kingsport buildings offered me a chance to copy a few pictures of buildings that her father, a contractor, had built.  Back then, I didn’t have a scanner, so I put the pictures on a copy stand and shot them with 35mm film.
This is an early Kingsport gazebo, maybe the first.  On the right, behind the gazebo, you can see the building with Kingsport Hosiery Mills on the side.
This gazebo was on the lot west of where the Kingsport Post Office now sits.  This was also the site where early carnivals were held.

Kingsport Hosiery Mills was active from 1917 to sometime in the 30s, I think.  I can’t accurately date this picture, but the other picture I’m posting, Baker-Clardy Service Station, can certainly be dated to 1929.  Check that posting for my reasoning.

Thank you, over and out.