Early Kingsport Gazebo

My beautiful picture

Years ago, in the early 80s, a lady who knew that I was drawing Kingsport buildings offered me a chance to copy a few pictures of buildings that her father, a contractor, had built.  Back then, I didn’t have a scanner, so I put the pictures on a copy stand and shot them with 35mm film.
This is an early Kingsport gazebo, maybe the first.  On the right, behind the gazebo, you can see the building with Kingsport Hosiery Mills on the side.
This gazebo was on the lot west of where the Kingsport Post Office now sits.  This was also the site where early carnivals were held.

Kingsport Hosiery Mills was active from 1917 to sometime in the 30s, I think.  I can’t accurately date this picture, but the other picture I’m posting, Baker-Clardy Service Station, can certainly be dated to 1929.  Check that posting for my reasoning.

Thank you, over and out.

1 thought on “Early Kingsport Gazebo

  1. Martha C. McFarland

    I remember this as The Band Stand and band concerts being performed there when I was a child. I also remember this is where the carnival was held and fireworks on July 4th downtown.


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