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Penley’s (Funtastics)

This building, on the corner of Roller and Sullivan Streets,  is going to be gone soon.  The area around the newly-developed former Kingsport Press/Quebecor lots is now catnip for developers.  Of course, that will also do away with this example of primitive wall art.

Lynn House

Taken probably in the late 70s.  This was Oak Hill Mansion, built sometime between 1815 and 1840 or so.  It was owned by the Lynn family, who were wealthy merchants and landowners (think “Lynn Garden”), who decamped to Knoxville in 1883.  In later times, this building was a private men’s club, hospital (the first public hospital in Kingsport, according to Muriel Spoden’s “Historic Sites in Sullivan County” ), a nightclub, and, for ages, an apartment building.  I drew this building in pencil back in the late 70s (I took this picture during the original photo shoot…the picture I took after climbing in a tree on the opposite side of the road was the one I used for my reference shot) (no, I climbed in the tree to get a better shot of the front of the building).  I put a vague suggestion of a person looking out of the upper left front window.  I was like that then…