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Center and Cherokee

Now that Bank of Tennessee is breaking forth from the constraints of the past and is going to land a big new footprint, so to speak, on the half-block of land they own between Cherokee and Cumberland with Center Street frontage.  This is what that area looked like around 1975.


It’s got crappy resolution.  I was living in a, er, low-rent apartment at the time and was playing around with a Polaroid camera I’d bought somewhere.  Anyway, this shows the corner of Cherokee Street (see the Kingsport Camera Shop sign mid right?  That’s all been taken over by that other bank) and Center.  There was a service station there, and one across the street.  They used to everywhere, for some reason.   Like pharmacies now.
The tower just under the wires on the right is where the telephone company is.
Roberts Tire & Recapping occupies the buildings low in the picture.



It’s always pleasant to come across a CI prefix on advertising.  The two-letter Ci (Circle) prefix – it was the two-letter, five number system – meant that you had an early phone (assigned to your residence or business).  I think Ci5 was very early because I don’t recall ever seeing a Ci4.  But I was a kid, what did I know… The two-letter, 5-number system was replaced by the 10-number system sometime in the 60’s.
This piece, a bank blotter (I think), is 7.5″ long and 3.75″ high.  My Colorblind Assistant (great program!) names the color as “Midnight Blue” (good oldie, too).

Rock on.

Holston River Bridge


Verso: He (unreadable) Since I didn’t send that card from Knoxville I promised you, I will send you one today as we are in Johnson City having a swell time.  Marie

Mailed to Miss (?Nepall?) Rader, Route 2, Greeneville, Tenn.

PM: Johnson City August 10, 1945.

Work didn’t begin on Ft. Patrick Henry Dam until six years later.  The person who took this picture was probably in a boat or had water wings on or something.  This is looking south, more or less.