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First Baptist Church

This was how First Baptist Church looked in the mid-40s.  There’s a color shot of this around, but it’s a commercial card that has been pretty heavily retouched.  This card was produced by the church.

upper left:  Picture of L.B. Cobb, the pastor at the time.
First Baptist Church

“Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.” – Matt. 20:28

First Baptist Church, Kingsport, Tennessee, organized 1916, membership 1600, S.S. En. 1180, value of church property $150,000.00.  Annual budget approaches $30,000.00.  Radio ministry: Sundays, 11:00 – 12:00 A. M.; Saturdays, 8:45 – 9:00 A. M., Station WKPT.  L.B. Cobb is the pastor.


“In the Heart of Kingsport, for the Hearts of Kingsport.”

Oklahoma School

I don’t know who or what owns the copyright on this image.  If I get yelled at, I’ll take it down.
Anyway, this is the 1913 building that housed the first school in Kingsport.  To read more about this building and its history, click here.  Neither this site nor Wolfe’s book on Kingsport gives a hint as to why it’s called Oklahoma, or Oklahoma Grove, school.
Maybe Hank and Bev Oklahoma kicked in some seed money…
This image is in the University of Tennessee Volunteer Voices collection, with only the notice that, on the back, is “where Robert E. Lee school now standing”.

The above image and quite a few others appear in this publication:


It appears to have been published (Watson Lithographing) as a 1967 50th anniversary promo piece by the Chamber of Commerce (not mentioned in the booklet).  Nothing is copyrighted and no photo credits are shown at all.  It is a standard 8.5″ x 11″ size. Great pictures, though (I can see where I live in this cover photo).

Wings Over Kingsport


This is the 1938 edition of “Wings Over Kingsport”.  Photographer Richard Alvey took the pictures, mostly in 1937. There are 30 images.  He credits Louis Hilbert and Howard Cooper as his pilots and Kelly and Green for helping prepare the photos for publication.  They were lithographed at Howard-Duckett of Kingsport.
I have had the 1964 “Wings Over Kingsport 2” for years and never expected that I’d find a copy of this one in the wild.
I had Dick Alvey as a guest a couple of times on a radio interview show I hosted back in the ’70s.  He was an interesting guy to talk with.  He gave me permission to use a photograph he’d of Broad Street, taken from the train station tower, as a reference for a pen-and-ink drawing that I later made into a limited edition print.