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Dimes from the Press

Courtesy of Carl Swann



Difficult to date this. Since there’s no ZIP code and “Tenn.” is used instead of “TN”, I’d guess pre-1963.

The “Kingsport Press, Inc.” is stamped on.

The Abbott Coin Counting Company made coin sorting machines from about 1917 or so.¬† It’s now in Connecticut.

If you find a $3 dime coin wrapper, grab it.¬† They’re rare.

Kingsport Traffic Laws, summary thereof, 1951

(Opened out to show the map)
Prepared by the Kingsport Junior Chamber of Commerce, printed by Franklin Printing.  Excluding the cover and back, 12 pages. The text is standard city law, but the cover map is interesting in that it shows the extensive railroad spurs and lines and some streets that either are no longer extant or have different names.

In the back:
“This booklet was made possible by the contributions of the following:
Bennett & Edwards
Bray & King Insurance Agency
F. J. Brownell & Son
Dougherty – Roller
J. T. Parker Insurance Agency
Price & Ramey
Roy B. Moore Truck Line
Robinson Transfer Motor Line
United Warehouse & Transfer”