Bob Lawrence’s Kingsport

At some point, many years ago, I became interested in the buildings in and around downtown Kingsport.  I began to draw them.  I drew a lot of bricks.  In this blog are photos of some of these works.  Many are taken through the glass of the frames they’re in.  Several are in private collections and I’ll have to make special arrangements to take photos of them.
I’m posting photos now.  I own all the material shown.

A few postings will be of places in the areas around Kingsport.
These works are not posted in any form that can be enlarged.  

2 thoughts on “Bob Lawrence’s Kingsport

  1. Paul Vachon

    Mr. Lawrence,
    Thanks for posting your photos! I was wondering if you knew who owned the Mercantile store in Snowflake VA. I have a friend who is trying to find out. Thanks!
    Paul Vachon (

    1. Bob Lawrence Post author

      Paul, as of about 15 years ago, when I was standing around talking with the two ladies who managed Snowflake General Mercantile, it was owned by a man who lived in Nickelsville. I have a vague memory that he may have owned a car dealership there. The ladies indicated then that they felt he had little interest in the store and, of course, it closed a year or so after that.
      Thank you for your comment on the website.
      And I just recalled that I believe I still have a wooden ruler I picked up (for a small charge) when I was at the store. I’ll see if I can dig it up and post it.


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