Milhorn Appliance

This is early work for me.  It was done in 1975 and I was living, again, in the apartments upstairs.  I’d lived there as a kid and lived there when I got out of service. This was the old Latimer Chevrolet building. At the time, the concrete ramp that allowed cars to be driven to the second floor was still there.  I know that because I’d go down the back steps to the second floor, and cross over the ramp to a side door. I’d go out that door, climb down the ladder to the alley and head up to John Sevier Junior High (now the Renaissance Center). The apartments were put in after WWII and, according to the received story, were the first in Kingsport to have air conditioning units.  This is located at 315 Cherokee Street.  I don’t know who painted that sign, either.


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