The Historic Marker Forest

Not a forest, exactly, but a group of six markers on the right after you pass the red light at Wadlow Gap Road and head toward Gate City . For some reason or other, I never seemed to have the time or the inclination to stop the check them out.  Today, I did.

The first marker you see is this:


This marble marker commemorates the first court of Scott County which was held on this site in 1815. The marker was placed here in 1915.  Just a bit back toward Weber City, you can see the remnants of the bridge over Big Moccasin Creek where you would turn to take the road up to Hiltons.

Heading past the over pass trestle, at a sort of rest area, is the next marker (I’m listing them in order east to west)

The first one:


Then this one, which just refers you to the marble marker above.:






and, finally, this extremely wordy one:


I feel much better now.

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