Trade Winds Motel and Restaurant

tradewindsf tradewindsb

The Trade Winds Motel and Restaurant “New in 62”.  It was located about .33 mile west of the railroad bridge over 23 between Weber City and Gate City.  The lettering on the building is difficult to read, but the center panel seems to read “Dutch Boy Grill”.  I remember a Dutch Boy drive-in restaurant beside Munal Clinic (built in 1951) on what was then known as the Johnson City Highway, but I have no idea if this is associated with that one.  I find the motel listed in the 1983 Kingsport telephone directory, but lose it after that.
Charles Dean Dalton ran the business early on, but, by the time this picture was taken, in 1962, Clyde and Garland Smith owned it.  If you look closely, you’ll see the telephone number is listed as CA 5-8541.  Oops.  People, you have to proof read anything that comes from a printer before it goes to press.  That should be CI(rcle) 5-8541.

7 thoughts on “Trade Winds Motel and Restaurant

  1. Sharon Brunke

    I worked for Garland Smith at the Dutch Boy in Weber City. From what I was told during my employment there Garland also owned the one in Kingsport as well.

  2. Hal Weeden

    Actually, that phone number was correct. That portion of Scott County between the state line and the North Fork of the Holston River had the 225 exchange of the 615 area code. This should not be confused with the Circle prefixes of 245 through 247 used in Kingsport.

  3. Hal Weeden

    I failed to notice the first time I read this post that you had confused the location of the Trade Winds Motel with the old Scott Motel, which was located just west of the railroad trestle in Moccasin Gap. That building has finally been torn down. The Dutch Boy/Trade Winds buildings are located on the south bank of the North Fork of the Holston River in Weber City.

    1. Christina Cope

      Was thinking of a single story brick motel near Gate City. My Da took me to as a young child, we’d go past Nicklesville to his cousin’s but at the time he still owned property. I rarely went as a teen and the house he grew up was burned by arson in late 70s.
      It had a restaurant beside it but doesn’t match your postcard. May have been the Scott motel that’s demolished. I imagine that restaurant is gone too. I also remember another restaurant with model trains in 1982.


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