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Extract Plant and Tannery

This place only existed from 1912 to 1926.  It was below what became Mead paper, which used wood pulp from this plant to, well, surprise, make paper.
The card is postally unused, but, by looking at the dates above, I would hazard a guess that it dates to the early 20s.  It’s an Asheville Post Card Company issue, 54952.

Oh, hey, antique dealers?  Please don’t write your price and stuff on the back of cards.  I know you tell me that it can be erased.  No, it can’t and it mars the card to try to do so.  So, there.

Kingsport Pulp Corp.


Since this shows the facility in the process of being built, I think one could safely date this picture to around 1915.  This plant went on line in 1916 and was acquired by Mead in 1920.

I have a couple of these blue-tint cards.  Surprisingly, there is absolutely no photo or publisher credit anywhere on them.  These are divided back, white border cards which were in vogue between 1915 and 1929.