Homestead Hotel

I took the reference picture for this drawing the day they tore this historic building down. That’s why you can see through the front door.  The site is a parking lot now…for a church.

To be more precise about the date of the Homestead’s demise, I took the information from Jeff Fleming’s comment below and checked back to my journals from 1992.  This, apparently, was my final drawing of this building (I apparently did two others.  One I remember, the other I don’t).  Unfortunately, I made no mention of when I actually took the picture, but it was before August, 1992.


2 thoughts on “Homestead Hotel

    1. Bob Lawrence Post author

      That’s quite right. I took a photo on the last day of major demolition of the building in 1992. I completed my drawing of it in September of that year. Thank you for your comment, Jeff.


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