Three old Kingsport restaurants



This is the Far East Restaurant. There’s a vacuum cleaner place there currently.  On the back: “FAR-EAST RESTAURANT, The only smartest Chinese-American Restaurant in the Tri-City area is located at 1120 Bristol Highway in Kingsport, Tennessee. Featuring finest Chinese and American food.  Specializing in Chinese family dinners. Live Maine Lobster.  Choice steaks and Take-Home orders. Catering to parties.  Pub. by Fred W. Stanley, Johnson City, Tenn.” The card was published by Dexter Press, Inc. West Nyack, New York.


The Martinique Restaurant.  On the back: “THE MARTINIQUE RESTAURANT Located at Junction of U.S. 11W and U.S. 23 Highways at circle, Kingsport, Tenn.  Near Nice Motels. ‘Serving fine food.’ Telephone Circle 5-9612.”
Elvis is said to have eaten here.


And here’s the United Nations Restaurant.  On back: (graphic of various country flags) THE UNITED NATIONS RESTAURANT 209 E. New Street – Telephone 933 KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE”
The card was published by Howard-Duckett Co., Printers Kingsport, Tenn.
This restaurant was not in business by 1959.


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