Joseph Everett Stone Tavern, Kingsport TN

Another divided back card.  These were in common use starting in 1907, and stayed in use long after that.  There is an inscription on the lower front, in an odd, italic type face: “Ruins of Tavern on Old Stage Road, Kingsport, Tenn.”
According to a map of the Boatyard District in “Kingsport Heritage: The Early Years 1700 to 1900” by Muriel Spoden, this was the 1813 Joseph Everett Stone Tavern located on Lot 2, next to the Netherland Inn, where that gas company is now located.
I assume this picture dates from sometime in the 1930s.  The Spoden book indicates that this tavern was derelict in the late ’20s.
The card has a blue cast, which I’ve seen before in later cards.



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