1910 postcard



This is one of my favorite cards.  It was mailed in Kingsport, probably at the Big Store, July 25, 1910.
On the front, in ink, is “add, kingsport Tenn”
Below that: “Main St. Johnson City, Tenn.  Pub. by The Bee Hive”
(you can still see The Bee Hive sign in downtown Johnson City)

On the back:
It’s addressed to Mrs. Claud Jolly, Rockmart Ga
The message:
Dear Mrs Jolly
How are you we are well.  I suppose you are in Rockmart by now. Our chickens are all o.k.  Mother is with us again. We are getting along fine.  Hope you will be able to visit some time.  There isn’t much here yet, but building.  just 28 houses here now.  Answer soon.  Love to you all also the ?mother?.  Mrs. L. E. Mahan

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