Community Y



On the back:

Pub. by T. J. Stephenson, Kingsport, Tenn.

(Plate number) 121036

Printed by Tichnor Quality Views (Boston Mass.)  (here’s a link to their Tennessee issues)

Notes: This is the Shelby Street side.  I remember the open porch.  That part of the building was the Public Library in 1957.  The rest of the building housed City Hall offices.

Earliest confirmed postmark date I have for this series is 1926.  I also have post dates into the ’40s, so they hung around for quite a while.


2 thoughts on “Community Y

  1. Louis A. Long Jr.

    I am one of the two people still living as far as I know who worked full time in the old city hall building on Shelby Street. I still have a lot of memories and happenings in that old building.

    1. Bob Lawrence Post author

      Mom and I got library cards as soon as we moved to Kingsport in 1957 (the first thing we usually did upon moving to a new town was to get a library card. The library was just transitioning from written check out cards to a machine that chunked out a piece of the book card and put the date the book was due back. Lucy, in “Peanuts”: “Happiness is having your own library card.”


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