100 Years Ago

Around 100 years ago, John Ballis built the Ballis Tourist Home at 310 West Sullivan Street, with a grocery store and gas station beside it.

Happy birthday?


According to information in the Kingsport Times-News, the Greek-born Ballis chose that name to avoid being tagged as a “foreigner”.

2 thoughts on “100 Years Ago

  1. Bradley S Williams

    Hellow Bob. my name is Bradley. Williams born and raised here in Kingsport. I am an aved History Buff. I read that your Farther was a Cab driver I was wandering if he ever worked for the Yellow Cab company ,,, Im trying to investigate my House on 1109 Cross. st. Strangely. the deed says 1940 but , everybody knows these houses were built along with White city around 1920. And Im thinking it was Mr Wallin who got struck by lightning in my house around I think 1936. and it was he who worked for the Yellow Cab company hete in Kingsport Please if you can help me in any way or know anything about my house. Can you please let me Know there seems tobe almost nothing in the Kingsport archive


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