Joe Gong Restaurant

I don’t think I ever ate at this restaurant. We always ended up at the Golden Dragon on the corner of North Wilcox Drive and East Sevier Avenue. However, there are many complimentary remarks on the web about this eatery that opened in 1970 and closed sometime before 2010.

2 thoughts on “Joe Gong Restaurant

  1. robertgaledean

    I kind of hate to tell this, and certainly would think twice if the place was still open all these years later, but I had a friend whose father for decades inspected restaurants in Sullivan County. He said more than once that, of all the restaurants he had inspected over the years, Joe Gong’s was the only place where he would NEVER eat. He told horror stories about violations he encountered there nearly every inspection, including vermin and varmints. He would write them up and have to revisit in a couple of weeks to ensure corrections had been made, and they would have done the absolute minimum necessary and the whole dance would start again the next year. I only ever ate there once (before I heard these stories) and it seemed that many prominent people ate there regularly, including my physician.

    1. Bob Lawrence Post author

      Yes, I’d heard rumors about that, too. Restaurants that specialized in Chinese-style food were, I understand, notorious for having periodic problems with health inspectors. I cook my own food. Hey, get that rat out of here!


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