Host of the Show

Google didn’t turn up anything when I searched for this club, but I did see an article from 1965 in the Kingsport Times-News that indicated about 4,000 people filed in to attend a Kingsport Riding Club Horse Show at J. Fred Johnson Stadium.

6 thoughts on “Host of the Show

  1. David sage

    My mom is dorothy brookshire . We really don’t any pictures of the restaurants I was hoping you had something . Thanks david sage.

  2. Thomas Winebarger

    Just wondering do you have the physical address of the big Indian when it was on memorial boulevard and pictures. Plus Abe’s pie shop building

    1. Bob Lawrence Post author

      Google Earth puts the address at 3849 Memorial Blvd. I don’t have pix of the original configuration of the building. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Gary Tiller

    Bob, I remember the Horse Shows at J. Fred Johnson. As I recall, it was because of them that all of us who played football for Dobyns-Bennett were required to get annual tetanus shots.


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