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Southeast Airlines


Southeast Airlines, an E. Ward King enterprise, was a short-lived commuter line that flew out of Tri-Cities in the late 1950s

For a brief wrap up of the King legacy, check this site

Here’s link to story of the horrific crash on Holston Mountain

This is a soda/beer bottle recapper with the handy-dandy bottle neck loop so the cap won’t get lost.  It was made by Replicap Products, Inc. of Greenville OH.  As far as I can tell, they were quite active up until the mid-80s or so.  I don’t find any current listing for them.

Mason-Dixon matchbook

Let it be clear, right here, right now: I am not a phillumenist.  I don’t collect matchbooks.  But, if something interesting I spy, I buy.  Within reason…

E. Ward King.  Whatta guy.  Junior Achievement has a concise accounting of this man’s life here.

Their 50th in 1982.  In 1986, they’d be in Chapter 11.

This is a 28-match book.  Several have been used from this book, but I have two more in an original 2-book plastic pack.