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Clifton’s Radiator Service


This paint-up is not that old, but it’s beginning to fade.  Clifton’s is on corner of East Market and Unicoi Streets.  Years ago, Unicoi Street came up in some news story or other and I was perplexed…I’d never heard of it and I’ve lived in Kingsport since Hector was a pup*.  The street is a one-blocker, though, and forever didn’t have much of anything located on it and, more importantly, it wasn’t on any of my paper routes.

* Obsolete phrase. See https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/since+Hector+was+a+pup


Nick’s Western Shop

I checked my 1959 Kingsport City Directory and saw that this location, on the corner of East Market and Cherokee Streets (245 East Market Street) , was then W.B. Greene’s Bargain Annex (used furniture). Nick’s Western Shop, which also specialized in square dancing regalia, was owned by Nick Drakos.  I can anecdotally  track the business back to around 1960 or so, but I don’t have a firm opening date.  I think I took this in the mid-90s, when I learned that Nick’s was going out of business.  Corrections and additions appreciated!