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Roberts & Johnson Lmb’r Co


This grubby little number has been around for a while.  Roberts & Johnson Lumber Company, located next to Oakwood on West Sullivan Street, burned in the late 70s.  For some reason, nothing was ever done with the plot of land at 451 West Sullivan.  Except for now, since the land will be subsumed by the development taking place in that area.  Alas, if this were yours and you just had to measure something, you’d be out of luck…it’s rusted closed.

Lovedale gas station

In 1959, this gas station, at 666 Sullivan Street, was Estep’s Gulf service station (I looked it up).  I took the reference picture for this in the late 70s or so.  Note the price of gas.

Further notes: Lovedale was an intermediate area as the business section of Kingsport moved gradually to its current location.  At first, it was down on the river: Old Kingsport.  After the Civil War had laid waste to this area, things moved a little to the east, to the intersection of the Bristol Highway (Bloomingdale Pike) and Scott County Road, which went up to Gate City.  It was called Peltier then.  Later, for reasons unknown to me, it became Lovedale. Slightly to the north, a wholesaler named Lynn maintained a farm.  That came to be called Lynn’s Gardens.
The first airport in town was in Lovedale.  Zoom, zoom.