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The Original Country Club

This post card shows the Kingsport Country Club and Golf Links clubhouse, located near what is now the intersection of Lamont Street and Pineola Avenue.  The golf course, designed by the famed Albert Warren Tillinghast (1874 – 1942), opened in 1919 and closed in 1953.  Tillinghast, acquired the epithet “Tilly the Terror” for his challenging and frustrating courses.  The American Legion apparently used the clubhouse for a period after 1953, but it was eventually torn down when the Greenacres neighborhood was developed.  This a one of a series of early Kingsport post cards commissioned by T. J. Stephenson and printed by Tichenor Brothers in Boston.  I don’t have an exact date for this card, but the Stephenson cards were generally published in the 1920s.



Kingsport TN from Cement Hill


This postcard is interesting for several reasons, the first being that it was actually used, so there’s a postmark on the back.  It was mailed in 1931 from Kingsport by a couple passing through on the way to Knoxville and addressed to a lady in Reidsville North Carolina, R.F.D. #6.
It’s also a reasonably scarce issue by T.J. Stephenson of Kingsport (he took the picture) and printed by Tichenor Dual Views (Tichenor Brothers of Cambridge MA), plate #121031.  You don’t have to look very carefully to see that it is a black & white photograph that’s been rather crudely colored in by the publisher.  Stephenson had a whole line of postcards with pictures of Kingsport taken in the mid- to late-20s.  I love these cards and don’t have all in the series.  I saw one of Catawba Street that I so badly wanted to snatch out of the owner’s hand and sprint off with, but, sadly, I didn’t.