Bays Mountain Golf Course lighter


Look in the dictionary for “rough shape” and you’ll see a picture of this lighter.
It’s a “Mi-Lite Korea” issue, probably early 70s.  The lighter is a little over 1-1/2″ wide and a little over 2″ high.  Altogether, it closely resembles a Zippo.
I can, through back issues of the Kingsport newspaper, find Bays Mountain Golf Course, about 2 miles south of Church Hill, in business in 1964.  It’s mentioned as an attraction for the area.  That location would put it somewhere behind McPheeters Bend School.  I think that’s the land that Bays Mountain Park acquired to extend its hiking trails

This once belonged to Sam Assid, who owned a well-regarded custom furniture/restoration/refinishing shop on East Sullivan Street for ages.

2 thoughts on “Bays Mountain Golf Course lighter

  1. Louise Dickson

    Bob, I stumbled across your website — and I discovered a treasure! I knew that you had some pencil drawings, but I had no idea the amount of art that you have created. It is presented impressively — And, your poetry is creative, honest, heartfelt, emotional. It is both personal and universal…. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent with the world! You are an amazing man!
    Louise Ratcliffe Bailey Dickson


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