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Bays Mountain Golf Course lighter


Look in the dictionary for “rough shape” and you’ll see a picture of this lighter.
It’s a “Mi-Lite Korea” issue, probably early 70s.  The lighter is a little over 1-1/2″ wide and a little over 2″ high.  Altogether, it closely resembles a Zippo.
I can, through back issues of the Kingsport newspaper, find Bays Mountain Golf Course, about 2 miles south of Church Hill, in business in 1964.  It’s mentioned as an attraction for the area.  That location would put it somewhere behind McPheeters Bend School.  I think that’s the land that Bays Mountain Park acquired to extend its hiking trails

This once belonged to Sam Assid, who owned a well-regarded custom furniture/restoration/refinishing shop on East Sullivan Street for ages.